Bail Bond Process – How Bail Bonds Work

The bail bond process is very confusing at a time that is already very stressful. At Motor City Bail Bonds we are here to make sure that at this already stressful time in your life that you are not concerned or confused about the process that must be adhered to under California laws.

The bail bond process does not begin until processing and booking procedures are complete. Once someone has been arrested they are generally taken to a local police station for booking and processing. While this process is generally not complex the time it takes often depends on the size of the facility and available staffing at that facility. If the defendant is to be booked then fingerprints will be taken, photographs will be taken, the justice system computers are searched for outstanding warrants, personal belongings are cataloged and retained including all monies, credit cards, cell phones, jewelry and any other personal property that the defendant may have in their possession.

After this process is complete, the defendant is then placed in a cell where they may or may not have access to a telephone. Most jails will allow a defendant the opportunity to place a call before being placed in the cell although in some cases this will be done at the convenience of the staff of the facility where the defendant is being detained

Once a defendant has been booked, one of three things happens next:

1) Bail may be set and an arrangement for arraignment may also be set. This may be done by either the court or the jail depending on individual cases. Once this is done, the defendant will be required to either post bond themselves or to make arrangements to have bond posted on their behalf to ensure their release from prison. This of course is a worst case scenario.

2) A judge may determine that the defendant may be released with a written promise to reappear in court at a later date on their own recognizance (O.R.). This would not require a bail bond agent to be involved.

3) No charges are filed against the defendant resulting in immediately release which is a best case scenario.