Orange Bail Bonds

Police Locations

Orange Police Department
1107 N. Batavia Street, Orange CA 92867
Phone: 714-744-7444 Fax: 714-744-7320

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County Correctional Facilities

James A Musick (The Farm)
13502 Musick Road, Anaheim CA 92618
Phone: 949-855-2600 Email:
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Theo Lacy
501 The City Drive South, Anaheim CA 92868
Phone: 714-935-6940 Email:
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County Court Houses

Central Justice Center Courthouse
700 W Civic Center Drive, Santa Ana CA 92701
Phone: 714-834-2200 Criminal & Traffic 714-834-3575

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Harbor Justice Center Courthouse
4601 Jamboree Road, Newport Beach CA 92660
Phone: 949-249-5041 Criminal 949-476-4699 Traffic 949-476-4749

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Laguna Hills Facility Courthouse
23141 Moulton Parkway 2nd Floor, Laguna Hills CA 92653
Phone: 949-472-6900

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Laguna Niguel Facility Courthouse
30143 Crown Valley Parkway, Laguna Niguel CA 92677
Phone: 949-249-5138 Criminal 949-249-5000

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Lamoreaux Justice Center Courthouse
341 The City Drive, Orange CA 92868
Phone: 714-935-7000 Family Law 714-935-7263 Juvenile 714-935-6420

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North Justice Center Courthouse
1275 N. Berkeley Avenue, Fullerton CA 92838
Phone: 714-773-4401 Criminal 714-773-4668 Traffic 714-773-4615

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West Justice Center Courthouse
8141 13th Street, Westminster CA 92683
Phone: 714-896-7181 Criminal & Traffic 714-896-7351

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District Attorney

Orange County District Attorney
401 W Civic Center Drive, Santa Ana CA 92701
Phone: 714-834-3600 Fax: 714-834-5880


Alternative Sentencing

Expedition House DUI / Drug & Alcohol
1340 W. Pearl Street, Anaheim CA 92801
Phone: 866-520-0246 or 714-520-5200 Email:
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Newport Coast Recovery
1216 W. Balboa Boulevard, Newport Beach CA 92661
Phone: 800-990-9691

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Sentencing Investigations
Resources to help with your case. Criminal defense investigations and reports.
PO Box 18975, Anaheim CA 92817
Phone: 714-777-9351

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Sober Living By the Sea Treatment Center
2811 Villa Way, Newport Beach CA 92663
Phone: 866-323-5609

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South Coast Recovery
32432 Alipaz Street, San Juan Capistrano CA 92675
Phone: 866-847-4506

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Probation and Parole Services

Probation Department
PO Box 10260, Santa Ana CA 92711
Phone: 714-569-2000

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Alcohol and Drug Treatment Programs

Brigeback Sober Living
1315 N. Tustin Avenue Ste 1-418, Orange CA 92867
Phone: 800-762-3754 Fax: 714-541-4370

California Diversion Intervention Foundation
1095 N. Main Street Ste B, Orange CA 92687
Phone: 800-842-9089; 714-633-0502 Fax: 714-633-9249

Chapman House
1412 E. Chapman Avenue, Orange CA 92866
Phone: 714-288-9779 Fax: 714-538-9779

Chapman House
3806 E. Roberta Drive, Orange CA 92869
Phone: 714-288-9779 Fax: 714-583-9779

Chapman House, Inc.
207 S. Esplanada, Orange CA 92869
Phone: 714-532-2119 Fax: 714-538-9779

Chapman Substance Abuse Program
1412 E. Chapman, Orange CA 92866
Phone: 949-472-0533

Cornerstone of Southern California
12372 S. Yorba Street, Orange CA 92869
Phone: 714-730-5399 Fax: 714-547-2109

Cornerstone of Southern California
3310 Maple Avenue, Orange CA 92869
Phone: 714-730-5399 Fax: 714-547-2109

Cornerstone of Southern California
2647 E. Almond Avenue Ste A, Orange CA 92869
Phone: 714-730-5399 Fax: 714-547-2109

Cornerstone of Southern California
3735 E. Spring Street, Orange CA 92869
Phone: 714-730-5399 Fax: 714-547-2109

Cornerstone of Southern California
235 S. Prospect,  Orange CA 92869
Phone: 714-730-5399 Fax: 714-547-2109

D.A.R.E./ Orange Police
1107 N. Batavia Avenue, Orange CA 92867
Phone: 714-744-7515

Harborwood Services, Inc/AMC Recovery
1940 W. Orangewood, Ste 209, Orange CA 92688
Phone: 714-978-1090

Mariposa Women’s Center
812 Town & Country Road, Orange CA 92868
Phone: 714-547-6494 Fax: 714-547-9990

Meier Clinics
1028 Town & Country Road Orange CA 92868
Phone: 800-799-7312 Fax: 714-972-2446

Orange County Psychiatric Society
300 S. Flower Street, Orange CA 92868
Phone: 714-978-3016 Fax: 714-948-6039

Positive Mental Action Center/Chapman Medical Center
2601 E. Chapman Avenue, Orange CA 92689
Phone: 714-633-0011

St. Joseph Hospital/Behavioral Health Services
1100 W. Stewart Drive, Orange CA 92868
Phone: 714-771-8132 Fax: 714-744-8542

St. Josephs Hospital/Chemical Dependency Unit
1100 W. Stewart Drive, Orange CA 92868
Phone: 714-771-8193 Fax: 714-744-8755

Twin Town Treatment Center
705 W. La Veta Avenue Ste 208 & 210, Orange CA 92868
Phone: 866-594-8844 Fax: 714-744-8556

Anger Management Programs and Providers

The Anger Coach
381 S. Carole Lane, Orange CA 92869
Phone: 714-771-0378

PO Box 6103, Orange CA 92683
Phone: 714-992-1939 ext. 121

Crisis Helplines

Rape Crisis Hotline
Staff & volunteers provide 24 hr emergency response to needs of sexual assault victims & families. Crisis intervention, emergency assist, accompaniment to hospitals, law enforcement, court info & referral and community education. Orange CA
Phone: 714-957-2737

Domestic Violence Shelters and Resources

Calif. Diversion Intervention (Main Office)
Outpatient and weekly groups for drug/alcohol, PC1000, domestic violence, anger mgmt in English & Spanish. Program approved by L.A. and Orange County probation departments for domestic violence counseling and PC1000 drug diversion for adults. Prop 36.Orange CA
Phone: 800-842-9089 or 714-633-0502

Services for women who are victims of domestic violence. Walk-in crisis counseling available. Other services available by appt. only. Support groups, restraining order assistance, info & referrals and assist in entering a battered women’s shelter. Orange CA
Phone: 714-449-7535

La Familia Domestic Violence
Bi-cultural program for domestic violence, child abuse, perpetrator referred by the court, social services, probation. Spanish spoken. Orange CA
Phone: 714-479-0120

Lamoreaux Justice Center
Services to victims of domestic violence. Assist in prep of paperwork to obtain restraining orders, crisis intervention counseling, community referrals and court support. Free services. No fee for court filing of papers. Spanish spoken. Orange CA
Phone: 714-935-7956

The Sheepfold
Shelter for homeless and abused women with children. Christian atmosphere, daily Bible studies.
Orange CA
Phone: 877-743-3736 or 714-237-1444

Women’s TransitionalLivingCenter
Emergency shelter and crisis intervention up to 45 days for battered women and their children. Counseling, parenting, legal assist, children’s program, support groups, Step-Two Transitional Housing Program for clients who have completed an emergency shelter program. Some food & clothing provided. Spanish spoken in shelter program. Orange CA
Phone: 714-992-1939

Mental Health / Psychiatric Resources and Programs

Center For Individual & Family Therapy
Individual, family, couples, child & adolescent counseling for: premarital counseling, child abuse, effective parenting, eating disorders, depression & anxiety, communication skills & divorce recovery, gambling, smoking & sexual addictions. Orange CA
Phone: 814-558-9266 or 866-222-2438

ChapmanUniversity Community Clinic
Marriage, family, adolescent, child and individual counseling. In addition, parent training, play therapy and children of divorce program. Graduate students counsel under supervision of licensed professionals. Orange CA
Phone: 714-997-6746

Dr Tony Fiore
Experienced Licensed Psychologist (CA License #6670) specializing in marital therapy and anger management.  Orange CA 92869 Hours: Tues and Thursdays.
Phone: 714-771-0378 Email:

Families & Community Together (FACT)
Information & referral, counseling, employment assist, emergency assist, health education & services, domestic violence education & assist, case mgmt, ESL mentoring, parenting classes, family preservation, WIC, youth & senior programs, outreach services, volunteering, medical, YMCA tutoring & recreation. Spanish spoken. Orange CA
Phone: 714-532-3595

Mariposa Women and Family Center
Court-approved outpatient substance abuse program for women and also parenting classes. General mental health counseling for individuals, couples, children, adolescents and families, crisis counseling, domestic violence and divorce recovery, life skills and anger mgmt, therapeutic support groups for women, men, teens and children, grief groups, daily 12-Step meetings, workshops and psycho-educational groups. Free bilingual child care available. Spanish, Arabic spoken. Orange CA
Phone: 714-547-6494

Mental Health Association of OrangeCounty
Services to adults with psychiatric disorders, using a client centered approach. Services include homeless assist, medication support services, benefits assist, case mgmt, peer counseling, self-help programs (including a clubhouse member run program), housing assist, vocational rehab, job placement services and hearing advocacy. Spanish, Vietnamese spoken. Orange CA
Phone: 714-547-7559

OrangeCounty Health Care/Evaluation/Guidance
County sponsored outpatient mental health services for children and adolescents, substance abuse program, short-term therapy and crisis intervention. 5150 evaluations by referral only from Orangewood, Probation or social services. Residential group home for children and youth ages 2-18 yrs. Serves abused children and wards of the court. Accepts emotionally disturbed children. Spanish & Vietnamese spoken. Orange CA
Phone: 714-935-6363

Orange County Psychiatric Society
Specialists in the following areas: adult, child, adolescent, group, marital, forensic, geriatric, pharmacology, hypnosis, eating disorders, psychotherapy, substance abuse, dual-diagnosis, mood disorders. “Watch Dog” organization, where patients may report suspected abusers in the psychiatric system. Orange CA
Phone: 714-978-3016

Office of Family Life
Plans and provides services that address all expressions and stages of family life; singles, engaged couples, married couples, parents, developing families, families experiencing disruption or loss through death or divorce. Marriage preparation programs, marriage enrichment, parenting education, natural family planning, separated, divorced and widowed support groups. Referrals for marriage & family counseling, crisis pregnancy & post-abortion counseling. Spanish spoken.
Orange CA
Phone: 714-282-3045

OrangeCounty Psychological Association
For professionals, students and consumers. Many useful articles, resources and mental health related programs in Orange County CA.
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Pacific Clinic / Mental Health
Mental health services are provided to adults with severe and persistent mental illness. Case mgmt, psychiatric evaluation, psychosocial rehab, individual, group, family, couples therapy, crisis intervention, vocational counseling, substance abuse groups, recreational therapy, clubhouse and drop-in services. Spanish spoken. Orange CA
Phone: 714-712-8340

Recovery, Inc.
Mental health, self-help support to help reduce nervous symptoms and fears such as depression, anxiety and anger. Spanish spoken. Orange CA
Phone: 310-306-6766 or 310-322-6411

St. Joseph Hospital / Community Counseling
Individual and family counseling by professionals, weekly adult group therapy, including grief issues, life transitions, aging concerns. Support groups for widow & widowers. Workshop series include adult children of aging series, relationship series, bereavement series, chronic illness seminar, life balance workshop. Also PACE Program, provides in-home volunteer counseling for ages 65 yrs+, training classes for volunteers. Orange CA
Phone: 714-771-8243

St. Joseph Hospital/Behavioral Health Services
Adult, short-term, comprehensive treatment program used as an alternative to inpatient hospitalization, either by shortening inpatient stays or preventing the need for full hospitalization. Specialty programs include eating disorders and dual-diagnosis. Staffed by licensed professionals. Program offers intensive group and adjunctive therapies. Many languages spoken. Orange CA
Phone: 714-771-8134

Inpatient care for adolescents ages 17 yrs or under, diagnosed with a serious mental illness. Treatment focus is on coping skills, socialization, education & crisis mgmt. Many languages spoken. Orange CA
Phone: 714-456-5847

UCIMedicalCenter / Neuropsychiatric
Psychiatric treatment. Acute inpatient for adults and older adults. Geriatric Medical Psych Unit. Outpatient treatment for all ages including: mood disorders, psychotic disorders and medication mgmt. Opportunities for participation in clinical trials with new medications. Compensation and transportation is available to those who qualify. Many languages spoken.
Orange CA
Phone: 714-456-5801

UCI Outpatient Psychiatric Programs
Outpatient program for adult mentally ill, illness management therapy. Also child, adolescent outpatient & inpatient. Orange CA
Phone: 714-456-5902

Parenting Classes / Resources / Help

Social Services

Domestic Violence Assistance Program
Help for victims of domestic violence.
341 The City Drive, Orange CA 92868
Phone: 714-935-7956

Gang Victim Services
Help in dealing with being victim of gang violence.
301 The City Drive, Orange CA 92868
Phone: 714-935-7492

Sexual Assault Victim Services
Help for victims of sexual assault in North Orange County
700 Civic Center Drive, Orange CA 92702
Phone: 714-834-4317

Substance Abuse Sober Living Homes

Craft House
Sober Living for men. Cost: $640 per month.Orange CA
Phone: 714-865-3211

Heatherstone House
Co-ed Sober Living. Cost: $600 per month. Orange CA
Phone: 714-532-2119

Pilot House
Sober Living for men. Cost: $620 per month. Orange CA
Phone: 714-865-3211
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