Most individuals who are arrested in San Diego County will be taken to the San Diego Central Jail which acts as a central receiving facility for adult males, while adult females will be taken to Las Colinas Detention Facility. Bail may be posted at any San Diego County facility except Descanso Detention Facility and East Mesa Detention Facility. Typically the San Diego Central Jail is no more than a processing and booking facility and detainees are often moved very quickly. Due to the speed that the processing, booking and bail setting procedures are processed under it is imperative that you contact Motor City Bail Bonds as quickly as possible to see if we can post the bail before the detainee is moved to another facility which often results in delays in their release.

Descano Detention Facility is located at 7878 Campbell Ranch Road in Alpine and houses all male inmates. This facility is not set up to accept bail bonds. Processing a detainee out may be delayed depending on the staffing. They may be contacted at 619-659-5500 or you may contact Motor City Bail Bonds to ensure the bonding process which can be very confusing is handled quickly and professionally without causing you added stress.

The East Mesa Detention Facility is a medium security facility that is located at 446 Alta Road, Suite 5200 in San Diego and you may contact them at 619-661-2608 to secure information about a detainee who may be transferred here. By contacting Motor City Bail Bonds we can contact the primary booking location and put forth the necessary effort to have the detainee bonded out before transfer to this facility or another like it. Often this transfer causes unneeded delays in securing the release of a defendant as they require additional booking and processing time.

The George Bailey Detention Facility is located at 446 Alta Road San Diego California. Since the use of this facility is generally limited to maximum security defendants most detainees will not be sent here unless there is an egregious crime committed that resulted in arrest. This facility may be called at 619-661-2620 or you may contact Motor City Bail Bonds to determine if the detainee has had bail set and if so we may be able to secure their release before they are transported to this facility resulting in a significant delay in processing them out of custody.

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