There are a number of detention facilities in Orange County. This list is as complete as we can possibly make it. At Motor City Bail Bonds we hope that we can provide you with all of the needed information to help you during this difficult time.

Anaheim Jail is a small facility which houses very few inmates who must be bailed out quickly or may be transferred to the larger Orange County Jail in Santa Ana. While the Anaheim Jail is set up to process and book defendants, they do not have facilities to keep many detainees. It is strongly recommended if you have a friend or a loved one who is in custody at the Anaheim Jail that you contact Motor City Bail Bonds as quickly as possible to arrange for bail to be posted prior to them being transferred. Anaheim Jail is located at 425 S Harbor Boulevard and may be called at 714-765-1900.

North Orange County Jails

North Orange County Jails

Those arrested in the North Orange County cities of La Habra, Brea, Placentia, Buena Park, Yorba Linda are typically taken to one of the jails below.

Buena Park Police Department Jail
6650 Beach Boulevard, Buena Park, CA – 90620 Phone: 714 562-3939

Brea Police Department Jail
1 Civic Center Circle Brea, CA 92821 Phone: 714-990-7626

La Habra Police Department Jail
150 N. Euclid Avenue La Habra, CA – 90631 Phone: 562-905-9750

La Palma Police Department Jail
7792 Walker Street, La Palma, CA – 90623-1770 Phone: 714 523-4552

After processing at a local Orange County facility a defendant may be transferred to the County Jail in Santa Ana.

Orange County Jail (Main jail for Orange County)
550 North Flower Street Santa Ana, CA – 92703 Phone: 714-647-4666

South Orange County Jails

South Orange County Jails

Those arrested in the South Orange Counties cities of San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano, Laguna Niguel, Laguna Beach or Dana Point and Mission Viejo are typically taken to one of the following jails:

Laguna Beach Jail
505 Forest Avenue, Laguna Beach, CA – 92651 Phone: 949-497-0701

James Musick Jail Facility
13502 Musick Irvine, CA – 92618 Phone: 949-855-2612

Contacting and Visiting Orange County Jails

Public Jail Information & Telephone Calls

You can call jail directly to get bail information or call All Star Bail Bonds and we will contact the facility to confirm the bail amounts and then contact you to prepare all of the proper paperwork.

Inmate Records (Central Jails) Phone: 714-647-4666
Inmate Records (Theo Lacy Facility) Phone: 714-935-6940
Bail Cashier Phone: 714-647-6087

Costa Mesa

If you or someone you know is arrested in Costa Mesa chances are they will be booked and processed at the Costa Mesa Jail located at 99 Fair Drive, Phone: 714-754-5280. Contact us immediately upon being notified that someone is being held there and often we can secure their release in one hour or less. If a defendant is not released or bailed they may remain there until arraignment or if the facility is busy they may be taken to the Orange County Jail. All Star Bail Bonds is here to ensure that the bail bond process is handled courteously, professionally and with the confidentiality that everyone involved deserves.

Orange County Beach Area Jails

Seal Beach, Huntington Beach, Westminster, Fountain Valley, Costa Mesa, Newport Beach and Laguna Beach arrests are handled through the Huntington Beach Jail located at 2000 Main Street and they can be called at714-536-5691. This facility normally houses less than one hundred detainees and bonds may be posted at this facility. The Newport Beach Jail which is located at 870 Santa Barbara Drive is another possible location for detaining those who have been arrested. Both facilities do accept bail bonds and if you contact All Star Bail Bonds we can assist you in requesting all information pertinent to the bond from the facility as well as expedite the necessary paperwork so that the defendant is released from the smaller facility instead of being transferred to the Orange County Main Jail.

Fullerton Jail

If a person is arrested and taken to the Fullerton Jail you will find them at the local Police Department facilities at 237 West Commonwealth. The Desk Officer may be contacted at 714-738-6715 for bonding information or you may contact All Star Bail Bonds and we will contact the facility and obtain all of the bail information for the detainee. If bail is not posted at the Fullerton Jail most detainees are transferred to the Santa Ana Jail and this transfer may result in a delay in release of as much as twenty four hours. All Star Bail Bonds is here twenty four hours a day, seven days a week to ensure that the bail is posted before this happens.

Santa Ana

If a person is arrested in the Santa Ana area they are typically held at the Santa Ana Police Department located at 60 Civic Center Plaza. They may be contacted at 714-245-8665 for information on bail for any detainee. Calling All Star Bail Bonds will ensure that the bail bond process is handled in a quick and efficient manner, whether by phone, fax or email and we can help the detainee be released from custody quickly if we are called immediately.